Temporary Safety Handrails and Staircases for Construction Sites

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Temporary Safety Handrails and Staircases Cornwall

Here at 7 Bays Scaffolding we regularly get asked to erect temporary edge protection, safety handrails and temporary staircases in Cornwall and beyond.  Our specifically designed safety systems are aimed at fall prevention and will bring your construction site into British standards of compliant safety practice so that everyone can work safely and with peace of mind.

Temporary edge protection for staircases, landings and other hazardous areas are a vital safety component of any construction site and an essential addition to ensure your working environment is as safe as can be. Stairwells can present a dangerous potential for falls and trips when working at height. Temporary staircases and edge protection systems allow workers to access all floors safely until a permanent solution is constructed. Our bespoke temporary edge protection and temporary staircase service is available across Cornwall and beyond, and we can configure the design to fit any size, height or shape.  

Safety Handrails in Cornwall

Where there is risk of a fall from height, sufficient safeguarding for the prevention of falling should be provided. The Health & Safety Executive states that this safeguarding must fulfill the following criteria to meet minimum legal standards:

  • The main guardrail placed at least 950mm above the edge
  • Toe boards at least 150mm high
  • To use another handrail or similar type of protective barrier so that any gap that is left is less than 470mm.

In the event that it’s impossible to implement fall prevention, scaffolding companies are obliged to provide safety nets or harnesses to use as an alternative. However, our preference is always to use handrails and we will go the extra mile to devise a solution wherever possible to protect the workers who will use the scaffold. 

Using temporary safety edge protection and handrail safety systems will ensure that workers and materials can pass safely between floors without risk of falling. Handrail safety systems are vital for all open stairwells and landings to mitigate the hazards presented with an open edge when working at height. Temporary safety railing systems are often used for construction, infrequent roof maintenance and solar panel installations. 

Edge Protection for Roofs

Appropriate safeguarding is essential when repairing roofs, installing new roofs, or fitting temporary roofs to construction projects. We can provide guardrails and handrails from the ground upwards or roof mounted, depending upon the height of the scaffold required. 

On industrial or larger commercial projects, we use handrails which are connected to the frame of the building so that roofers and cladders can enjoy peace of mind and have full safety while they work. We can also provide an access tower from ground to roof level so that access to the working area is safe and secure. When working on roofs (especially in Cornwall) the weather can often prove temperamental and a risk to safety, so taking the appropriate safety measures is of paramount importance to protect workers and passers-by alike. We highly recommend roof edge protection for your next roofing project; our designs offer the flexibility to cover all roof types, whilst also providing a simple modular system that is easy to install for collective roof edge protection.

Temporary Staircases for Construction Sites

A temporary staircase makes life on site much easier by allowing workers to walk up a temporary staircase rather than climbing up and down ladders during the early stages of construction. Ladders can have many risk factors, so installing a temporary staircase mitigates the risks involved and keeps the whole site safe. We provide professional standard temporary stairs which comply with BS EN131 for confidence and safety on site. Our temporary staircases are quick to install and are extremely stable and sturdy. 

If you have a construction project that needs a temporary staircase or edge protection handrails,  get in touch today and let us provide you with a free quote. We are Cornwall’s favourite scaffolding company and provide all aspects of commercial and domestic scaffolding solutions across Cornwall and beyond. We focus on customer satisfaction and delivering the best service possible, taking pride in always delivering within budget and on time, so give us a call today!