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Safety First at 7 Bays Scaffolding

Here at 7 Bays Scaffolding we take health and safety very seriously indeed and do our utmost to ensure safe working conditions for suppliers, contractors and employees alike. We have recently been awarded a Pre Qualification Scheme (PQS) accreditation which demonstrates that our employees and contractors can work to a high standard and guarantees complete competence at all levels of the supply chain.

Contractors who belong to pre qualification schemes have their health and safety management arrangements regularly assessed, and that single assessment can then be cited for other clients who are looking for contractors who can deliver similar work. This makes that part of the selection process easier, and can save time and money for both us and the contractor.

We received our qualification via PQS; an SSIP Registered Member that provides audit and assessment services to organisations in a wide range of sectors including construction, engineering, and manufacturing. This independent validation cements our continued efforts to work safely and considerately in everything that we do.

Health and Safety in Scaffolding

The importance of scaffolding safety can never be underestimated which is why here at 7 Bays  Scaffolding we do everything within our power to ensure that the scaffolding we erect adheres to all health and safety regulations, is soundly built and as safe as can be. We are a H&S Assessment organisation that takes great pride in our professionalism, customer service and efficiency. We offer scaffold inspection services – and Independent Statutory Scaffold inspection and site scaffolding monitoring services are available in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Regulation 12 and Schedule 7. The time and effort we put into training our scaffolders and developing health and safety guidelines is shown in our impeccable safety record.

When you hire a scaffolding company in Cornwall like 7 Bays Scaffolding you can be assured of compliance to all rules and guidelines so that you have complete peace of mind. If you want a quote for your next scaffolding please get in touch so you can see how competitive we are. We look forward to hearing from you!